Research and development of POS system

This service employs more than 25 people.

CSI publishes its own software for different sectors of activity:

  • Commercial catering
  • Fast food
  • Snacking
  • The bakery
  • Community catering
  • The hotel industry
  • Retail

This service studies the specifications received from customers, and is able to create the Ecosystems corresponding to the various requests.

Thus, CSI was able to take significant market shares on large chains of:

  • Dining at the table
  • Fast food
  • Community catering
  • Bakery
  • Wash station

This service was able to develop applications for everything that represents new consumption habits:

  • The Click and Collect
  • Click and Delivery
  • The Drive
  • Order at the table
  • Payment at the table via mobile phone
  • Dark Kitchen

CSI offers all the reports and statistics necessary for effective management of establishments:

  • The BO
  • The BI
  • Reporting
  • Centralization
  • Accommodation

Regarding hosting, CSI has invested in two geographically different data centers, whose data is replicated in real time. Data hosting is carried out in France.

CSI has also invested in a very high level data security and protection system.



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