Installation of an insect hotel


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We are proud, as part of our CSR approach, to have had the opportunity to host an insect hotel within our company.

But what is it, then ? Kristell CHIFFOT, Park coordinator within the APAC (Association of Business Parks of the CAVEM) says more about this initiative:

" Hello,

At the initiative of the APAC, the business park associations wanted to set up insect hotels in the CAVEM business parks.

Something done since Wednesday with the installation of 9 insect hotels, by the company ID VERDE, and in particular on the Technoparc EPSILON 1.

Thanks to Cash Systèmes Industrie for hosting the insect hotel on its site.

The installation of an insect hotel in urbanized areas is a means of rebalancing ecosystems and creating a habitat for auxiliary insects such as hoverflies, ladybugs, earwigs, lacewings, solitary bees and butterflies which participate in the pollination of flowers. and actively contribute to the regulation of pest populations. Depending on the season, in summer, the insect house serves as an egg-laying medium, while in winter, it facilitates the survival of species in winter conditions. "

So while waiting for hotels and restaurants to reopen with measures adapted to the Covid-19 health crisis, we will take advantage of the arrival of tiny animals who will take pleasure in coming to see us and live in our company! ^^

And you, do you like this kind of initiative? Tell us on social media with #ActuCashSI!


Photo credit: Cash Systèmes Industrie

Contact Kristell CHIFFOT - APAC: